16 essential things you should know about CBD if you are a beginner

What is CBD?

The acronym CBD corresponds to its technical name which is cannabidiol, this is a natural compound that we can find in the cannabis flower. This plant is the carrier of a large dose of medicinal resolutions that, its use, dates back thousands of years. Nowadays, more and more doctors are testing and providing doses of CBD in their research, making use of its therapeutic benefits.

CBD is an absolutely safe substance and it is not addictive. This component is one of the more than one hundred phytocannabinoids found in cannabis, which makes this plant a great option for therapeutic purposes.

1. CBD works in conjunction with the central nervous system

Scientific research has shown that cannabidiol produces positive effects on receptors that are housed in the central nervous system. Its properties make it an effective therapy when a pathogen generates disorders on the immune, hormonal system, arteries, eyes, skin, lungs and bones.

2. Cannabidiol does not generate any type of psychoactive effect

CBD does not work on neuronal receptors such as CB1 and CB in the brain, therefore it does not generate any type of psychoactive effect. That said, CBD, by not moving away from these receptors, does not produce psychotropic effects on any field of the brain.

3. CBD vs THC levels

THC and CBD values ​​will vary for all cannabis plants. Among the cannabinoid plants we will find two groups: those that are specifically cultivated for recreational use, and those that, in their crops, have a technical or curative purpose. In the case of recreational plants, THC levels are much higher than CBD. While medicinal ones, cannabis plants have a high amount of CBD and a minimal amount of THC.

4. What are the benefits that CBD brings to the human body?

There is increasing scientific evidence that puts on the table the contributions that the consumption of CBD provides to the human body. In recent years, researchers have confirmed that CBD manages to reduce neurodegenerative disorders, since it acts as an antioxidant. While it has also been shown to be effective against nausea and vomiting. This cannabinoid also acts as an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and is an innate appetite generator.

5. CBD combats mental disorders

Among so many benefits that it brings and fights, CBD can be a great reliever in patients who suffer from anxiety and depression that cause a great deterioration in health.

6. CBD and cancer

According to studies carried out by the National Cancer Institute, products that contain THC are able to reduce the branching of carcinomas and other tumor pathologies. In addition, and of course, trying to be extremely cautious on the subject, according to these same studies, cannabidiol manages to have protective effects against cancer. Among the studies carried out, it was conjectured that the proper use of CBD benefits lCs treatments such as breast, lung and colon cancer.

7. CBD and THC are the fundamental components

Cannabidiol is a vital component of cannabis. This plant has almost a hundred compounds, where two of them are the most important and the most studied: CBD and THC. These two properties act together or separately, and are equally of vital importance to cannabis.

8. Can you buy CBD without a prescription?

CBD is obtained from the extraction of cannabis plants for therapeutic uses and technical analysis. In almost every country on the globe, you can buy CBD online and without a prescription. In those countries where the use of cannabis has only therapeutic fines, free purchase is illegal since in these cases you need a prescription for all products rich in CBD.

9. So is CBD extracted from cannabis legal?

CBD can be produced in swarms for the medical or technical needs of cannabis. However, thanks to the regulation of free trade in the European Union, as well as the Court of Justice, products rich in CBD can be consumed, making this component absolutely legal. So CBD cannabis is easy to access and use for end users and you won't be breaking any laws. That said, the use of CBD is completely legal and legal throughout the Spanish territory as well as throughout the European community.

10. CBD balances the effects generated by THC

CBD acts as if it were "the other side of the same coin" as THC. Among this balance that it generates, CBD, could avoid the loss of temporary memories that THC generates. While they reduce the levels of anxiety and paranoia that the consumption of marijuana with a high content of THC could generate.

11. CBD can fight asthma attack in children

According to a study provided by the University of California, the effects of CBD-based medications. His studies looked at children with epilepsies who were reluctant to conventional treatments. In these preliminary scientific work, they were able to detect that the seizures during the first moments of giving the CBD had decreased considerably. All these studies that involve minors continue to be carried out with the greatest responsibility to ensure their administration.

12. CBD in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases

At present, there have been countless medical studies that have given sufficient evidence that CBD can be used and is effective against diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. CBD has even given greater reliability than conventional medical treatments, where these were resisted by patients.

13. How is CBD obtained and how can I consume it?

There are several products on the commercial market that contain cannabidiol. One of the most popular globally is Cannabidiol oil, which can be found in various types of concentrations. For each type of pathology, CBD can be found either in the format of: cream, pills, crystals, among others. For each type of disease, a professional will be able to tell you which one is appropriate. CBD is highly positive against the fight against various diseases and, so far, no adverse effect has been reported that could generate this cannabinoid.

14. Can consuming CBD generate an addiction for me?

No, the answer is a resounding no. Cannabidiol is not a substance that generates addictions or that is harmful to health, on the contrary, as we have been developing in this article, CBD provides us with great medicinal benefits. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is not only a safe substance, but it is also a great contribution to medicine.

15. Can you grow marijuana with more properties of CBD than THC?

Thanks to the hybrid experiments that are carried out on plants, it is possible to grow marijuana that contain a high percentage of CBD. It is common to misguide that CBD extracted from marijuana is much more potent than CBD derived from hemp. Since the molecular levels of these components in both plants are exactly the same. Asserting this, then it doesn't matter where the CBD comes from, as the ownership will always be the same.

16. CBD, is it only provided to people with some pathology? Is it beneficial to me if I am "healthy"?

For people who do not have any pathology, CBD will provide an extra energy. What this property will do is stimulate your endocannabinoid system with this compound of plant origin such as CBD. In this way you will be able to maximize your good form and health. The effects that the combination of CBD with the nutritional content of oils produces on your body will give you the energy to face each day with your maximum performance.

CBD does not produce side effects, on the contrary, it gives your body a plus and besides being absolutely beneficial in the fight against certain pathologies. It is important if you are going to venture into the world of cannabis oil that you have the best advice to achieve the desired effects. In our store located in Valencia, Spain, we can give you not only the best advice but also the best company so that you can obtain the best knowledge about CBD and THC. So do not hesitate, if you want to buy CBD we are your best option, both in the store and in our eCommerce.

Our team of professionals will always be waiting for you with the best disposition to provide you with the most information and give you the peace of mind that this will be your best investment.

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