Can CBD show up on a drug test?

What is CBD?

It is very likely that you have heard of CBD or THC at some point. Not only that you have heard it, but also that you are aware of the benefits that CBD intake can bring to health. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main components of cannabis and has a high implication when treating conditions of various kinds; as it also gives our body a boost of energy. Throughout the European Union, CBD is absolutely legal and legal, having a great acceptance and a constant demand both in stores and online sales. Although CBD is being used at a professional level since numerous investigations have shown that it is good for conditions such as epilepsy, osteoporosis, inflammation, schizophrenia among many others. There are more and more people who day after day want to use it for the most intimate factors. But the reality and, especially in those people who are from countries where the substance is not yet legalized, they have some doubts and concerns about it.

Does CBD test positive for drugs?

There are several factors why thousands of people a day can take a drug test: jobs, sports, routine tests and rehabilitation, it may be that having consumed CBD makes you upset thinking that it can test positive. The answer to this question is no, this is because substance tests are carried out in search of metabolites that are composed of THC and not CBD.

Why does the drug test look for THC metabolites? What is the difference between THC and CBD?

The key to why drug testing only looks for one of the two main components of the cannabinoid, is understood by the difference that exists between them. While both components are natural properties found in cannabis, CBD is found in hemp extract; Unlike THC which is the psychoactive property of cannabis. THC is located in the flowers and does "get you", while CBD does not, since it is a compound that is not psychoactive.

Taking this into account, where does the first question or complication arise: CBD can have several types and in some of them it may have traces of THC.


What are the different variants of CBD?

During the intake of CBD derived directly from full and full spectrum hemp, the intake cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. When we mention "full spectrum" we mean that it has absolutely all the natural properties that the plant has. This means that they will provide you with a vast amount of cannabinodes and also trace amounts of THC.

This, is always the case in the cases of broad spectrum CBD? The answer is no and yes. There are CBD of a broad spectrum, which is almost identical to the full spectrum, where all the properties will be, but it will not have an iota of traces of THC.

This property that provides a large number of health benefits, which have already been tested, studied and confirmed exists as an isolated component. Isolated CBD is exactly cannabidiol in its purest form. Without traces of THC or any other of the properties that make up the plant.


You must take a drug test and you have consumed CBD that you know has traces of THC. How much THC does your body have to have for the test to show a positive result?

There are several types of drug tests that can specify THC values.

One of the samples, if not, the most common is the urine test, this sample for example are those that athletes do after some competition. The urine drug test has a detection of up to 30 days. In this test, for the THC test to be positive, your body must contain at least 50 nanograms per milliliter. If the intake dates back more than 15 days, the chances of a positive drug test result are slim. Now, what happens with a blood test, this study may be carried out in the face of some behavior that already implies that justice intercedes, the result will be positive, since the test will reveal absolutely everything that your body contains at that time.

There are also drug tests with hair! And in this case it is very specific, since you must contain one picogram per milliliter for the THC to come out in the test. You must bear in mind that the THC in your hair can remain for up to more than two months.

Finally, we have the test that is performed by saliva, in this, there is no formula that will indicate when THC is necessary for it to appear in the test, it will show the THC consumed in the last 72 hours. Unless you've been consuming a lot of THC for a very long time, and in that case, you might also test positive.

These are the variants of drug tests, in general, the one that is carried out in most cases is the urine test. So, although the chances that a drug test can give you a positive result are slim, there are always some cases where several people, in any case, have not been able to overcome this stumbling block.


How does the pharmacy drug test work?

If you want to gain peace of mind, you can buy a drug test at the pharmacy and perform the test yourself, preferably in the morning and thus rule out the possibility that you will be surprised by a positive result in the official control. The pharmacy tests are very easy to use and detect THC consumption for up to 30 days. To do this, you just have to collect a urine sample in a clean container and immerse the tip of the test strip for 15 seconds. Then remove it and place it on a clean, dry surface; after 5 to 10 minutes, lines will appear indicating the result.

What are the considerations that I should consider before taking a drug test and pass it without problems?

The first thing you should do is make sure that the CBD-based products you are consuming are issued by professionals and be clear about the ingredients that the bottle contains. As we have been developing in this note, if you do not want to go through the "trauma" that a scheduled exam can generate, it is best not to consume full spectrum CBD. This way you will know that your body will not have traces of THC.
Our store in Valencia has the most prominent professionals who can advise you on the amounts of CBD and other properties and if it can contain and in what dose traces of THC.

It can also happen that you have consumed many high doses of full spectrum CBD, this will cause your body to have accumulated a large amount of THC that ends up making you fail the test. You should always take into consideration the amount of doses of CBD they are taking and always consult with specialists in the field.

Is there a possibility that they do a test where they only want to verify the CBD intake?

The possibilities that a test is carried out where the purpose is to find CBD in the body are practically nil. CBD is not a substance that generates psychoactive or drugging effects and for this reason a request in this regard would be extremely particular. With this in mind, a laboratory would have to bear an extra cost to be able to perform a test for a substance that is harmless for the purposes of a toxicological test.

To emphasize a little more about the null chances that there is a requirement for a test that looks for the CBD substance, the largest and most important laboratories in the world do NOT even offer the possibility of a particular analysis of CBD.

In conclusion

The chances that CBD will appear on your exam in an anti-drug test are extremely unlikely. But it is clear that there are imponderables that exceed your possibilities, it may happen that you are consuming CBD with high proportions of THC and in this case you have a chance of having a positive result.

That is why it is always important that when you consume CBD you do so with the support of specialized people and with the advice of experts. Since they will know how to tell you if CBD contains traces of THC or not, and if they have them you will be able to know what the proportion is.

CBD is not a substance that "sets" but in its intake it may have some traces of other substances that can make you pass a bad move. In any case and, as we have already mentioned, the consumption of CBD is linked to the relief of many pathologies and its consumption could be of a purely therapeutic nature. Therefore, although you may not pass a drug test for the CBD you are consuming, you are always in time to clarify it with whoever it is. CBD, by itself, in its pure state, is not the cause of the positive but the traces of THC.

Our stores in Valencia, run by true professionals, will be able to give you the best advice as well as the best CBD-based products. Thanks to our professionalism, you will not only have a quality product, but you can also rest assured that you will not have to worry about any routine exams. Since well-administered CBD does not appear in a drug test.

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