CBD Dosage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Taking CBD

CBD Dosage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Taking CBD

We already know about all the benefits that CBD gives us, either for any pathology that we have or to give us greater energy. Now, do you know what the necessary dosage is? In this article we will develop everything you need to know to achieve a fair and optimal dose like any of our professionals.

Dosage: What would be the first steps? Where do I start?

There are some items that you should take into account when calculating the amount of CBD you should use.

The first of them is to choose a trusted brand or a trusted supplier, since it will be essential to have the accuracy of the concentration that the bottle will provide us. The production of cannabinoid oil is not easy, therefore, you must be sure that the CBD that you are going to consume does not have any unwanted components or substances.
The products that you can purchase in our store in Valencia or online, have an exhaustive analysis of each of them. We will also provide you with the exact concentration of cannabinoid and all the information for its consumption.

You are new to the world of CBD

Do not speed up the times and start with a slow process, but continue to adapt. CBD has incredible potential to work in good communion with our body. This communion is generated in a measured way and not unbalanced, incorporating higher doses of CBD than necessary.
Your body is the one that will tell you exactly when it is time for a dose and you should act accordingly, re adjusting the concentration according to the frequency of what is needed.

How is CBD oil dosed?

CBD oil can generate different reactions during its consumption, since all people are different and this is something common. It is very common for us to meet people of the same gender and of the same weight and who respond in different ways to the same number of doses.
When some people find relief from a condition in doses of 40%, others will find it in doses of 5% of CBD. And of course, there will be those who find relief to their pain or inflammation only by ingesting a few drops.

So what is the amount I should take of CBD oil?

As we said at the beginning, there are elementary guidelines that will allow the doses to be increased. But it is always important that you start with a few drops. This means that to the extent that you are incorporating these minimum doses, you will know how reactive you are to the smallest intakes. Then you can increase progressively.

It is likely that in the small doses of CBD, you will not feel the necessary effectiveness and from there you can increase until you find the desired effect. Ingesting too much in the first dose can generate a reaction that makes your body uncomfortable or some side effects from Cannabidiol, and the only thing you will achieve is experiencing discomfort throughout the day.
The ideal dose to supply depends on weight and strength: what does this mean?
Take for example a person of about 70 kilograms with a low level of force. The recommended dose is 15mg, for someone of medium strength it is 45mg while for someone of high strength it is 90mg.

What is the meaning of "strength" when we talk about CBD?

This is highly valued data since force refers to our condition and the search for its consumption. Therefore, a person with a condition that requires a high dose is not the same as someone who wants to enhance their locomotor system.

• General wellness: low strength
• Nausea and vomiting: low to medium strength
• Chronic ailments: medium to high strength
• Lack of sleep: medium to high strength
• Anxieties: medium to high strength
• Epilepsy: high strength or pharmaceutical grade
• Cancer: high strength or pharmaceutical grade
• Migraines: low to high force

Guide for you to learn to dose like a true professional

The best way to start with the dosage is to put a specific emphasis on the table previously described where we pronounced on "strength". Whenever you are going to use CBD oil for the first time, you should start with the least force and intensify the doses.

Define the potency of CBD oil

To determine the potency of CBD we must take into account two aspects: the ML that our bottle will have and the CBD content in MG that this container will occupy.
To be able to calculate the power we must perform a calculation that can be complex at the beginning and is the following:

Assuming that we have a 600 MG bottle of cannabinoid oil and that the size of the bottle is 30 ML, what we must do is: 600/30 this will give us 20 mg / ml. What does this mean? That in each 1ml of liquid we will find 20mg of CBD.

The data that we obtain from this simple calculation will help us to know how many Ml I will need to obtain the desired force according to the objectives of its intake.

• Measure the volume of the dropper

Almost without hesitation, the dropper that you are going to get to carry out the dosage may contain up to 1ml of liquid. This is a standard value and applies to most drippers on the market.
Once you have filled the dropper, you can see that you will be able to pour up to approximately 20 drops.

• How do I calculate the dose for my body?

So far it could be a kitchen recipe, but this point is very important to understand how to complete the dose you need to take.
Depending on the strength is the dosage that you will compose.

Suppose you have a weight of 70 kg, and you require a dosage for a low strength (for the well-being of the day to day); for low strength 1mg every 4.5 kg is necessary. The calculation you should do is as follows: 70kg / 4.5 * 1 which is the ml of the low force. This calculation will give you 15.5.

What does this mean? that 15.5mg of cannabidiol is a good dose to achieve the effect you are wanting and it will be the starting point for later increasing the doses.

Learn to adjust the dose necessary for your body

We have already mentioned this point throughout the text, each individual responds to CBD differently. For this reason it is important that you carry out a self-evaluation of how CBD oil is affecting your body. Also, always keep in mind to start from the first step.

For this reason, once you have done step 3 and knowing which is the appropriate dose for your body, from that point is where you should start to gradually increase the dose until you find the desired effect.
You may find a family member or friend who, in the face of some condition, takes a much higher intake to beat a condition than it should by the aforementioned calculation. The normal thing that many people do is think that, regarding the similarity of the physical structures, the dose should be similar but no, this is individual, always.
If in your calculation you must take a dose of 15.5mg and you feel that in the face of pain you cannot get relief, then you must recalculate the dose and bet on one that is higher.
It may even happen that in your dose you have found the necessary relief, but nevertheless it has relaxed you too much, therefore, you should try to reduce the dose a little to find the ideal balance point.

CBD oil and the right dosage for a much fuller life

We know that this cannabinoid affects differently and that is why it is imperative to know the general rules to reliably know where we should start from.
CBD oil, like any supplement, must be supplied in low doses and adjusted as the body requires to achieve the benefits that this wonderful component can bring us. Many people think that CBD gets you high but it doesn't; only in some occasions and according to the dose it can relax you.

And that is the difference between THC and CBD. And if you wonder what THC is, it is another of the main components of cannabidoid, which has psychoactive effects.
With these points that we have provided in this article, we intend to give the necessary tools so that you know what is the necessary dose that you should take for the first time of cannabis oil.

The professionals in our Valencia store can provide you with the best information always thinking about your well-being and health. In addition, in our physical store and online store you can buy the best Cannabidiol oil and with the best quality.

The importance of the doses and the accustoming of the body: with the necessary time and the indicated dose, we will be able to enjoy the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol, which will not only allow us to be able to alleviate those conditions that afflict so many and those that sent us so many visits to the doctor, but also to be able to enjoy a much fuller and more energized life.

Do not hesitate if you feel that you need cannabis oil or you just want to try it as an alternative therapy, we have the best solution for you, so you can buy cannabidiol safely and with the most qualified professionals.

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