Differences between THC and CBD, everything you need to know about these two cannabinoids


Within the cannabis culture we will find two terpenes that are fundamental, but that, in their composition, produce different effects. THC and CBD are two active ingredients that are different to each other but work synergistically. complementing each other in the best way.

CBD and THC are two active principles of the more than 90 cannabinoids that make up cannabis, one of the differences between them is that THC manages to be the psychoactive compound of marijuana and is the promoter of the benefits it brings cannabis. Whereas CBD, as it is not a psychoactive component, does not "get you high."

Both assets generate effects in different ways, while they provide us with the sensations that marijuana causes in leisure times as well as in its medicinal effects.

The importance of knowing what we are looking for to find what we want

Having the knowledge of these two basic compounds of cannabis, it will take us, when choosing, which we are going to cultivate. As well as what are the effects that we want to find, whether they are recreational or those increasingly used, medicinal.

It is a matter of time, cannabis throughout the world is on its way to legalization; In some countries it will take longer than in others, it is true, but also people are increasing their knowledge about its uses and benefits. The interest that cannabis generates in people makes them aware of the peculiarities and of the various nuances that exist between plants.

This knowledge that those curious, consumers and people who are interested in alternative therapies are acquiring, are not the product of chance, but of many people, institutions, blogs and pages that with a lot of effort we add to provide accurate and updated information on cannabis . The effort of all of us to keep the cannabis culture always alive, despite the moments of greatest self-denial, is beginning to bear fruit.

Because of our struggle and for the development of articles like ours, today millions of our readers know about cannabinoids or at least know what they are about. While they also know that they are compounds that are in marijuana plants; and that tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol (THC and CBD) are the elemental stone of it.

Differences between THC and CBD

There are certain differences between these two components of marijuana, but, just as they are, these diversities also have something in common, which is that both components are cannabinoids and that both act on the endocannabinoid system of our bodies.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for intercellular communication, it is activated in a natural way and creates homeostasis, although it can also be stimulated by phytocannabinoids.

What are phytocannabinoids? They are cannabinoids of plant origin, such as those that are present in legal marijuana plants.

This generates a different effect than those generated by the human body naturally. The receptors, at least the main of them, of the endocannabinoid system are CB-1 and CB-2, which are directly housed within the central nervous system of our immune system.

What is THC?

THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, it has a direct relationship with those receptors that are housed in the brain of people. The CB-1 is the one in contact with pleasure, memory, concentration and appetite. While CB-2 is associated with a low propensity for pain, it can be linked to the homeostasis of the body such as: the kidney and even the liver.

Those people who use marijuana recreationally, will then understand that: The urge to eat or sleep after consumption is caused by THC. Since it achieves an increase in appetite and increases that pleasant sensation of eating, usually sweet things. Due to the fact that it produces sleep, it is a highly effective treatment against insomnia and loss of desire to consume food.

THC can be the cause of a slight memory loss for short periods of time, for this reason it is normal that, during consumption, in the middle of a moment of laughter and relaxation, you forget that it was what had made you laugh so much.

The laws of many countries still prohibit and restrict the types of marijuana that have more THC content. While these, they are the most requested for recreational use

What is CBD?

The CBD component works with receptors such as GPR55 and 5-HT1A. CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, but it does interact with THC to produce the effects of cannabis. In this way it manages to counteract in some aspects the effects produced by THC. The proportion induced by CBD are important to reduce the effects of marijuana products.

CBD then achieves a decrease in the effects of the feeling of anxiety caused by THC, in addition to containing anti-psychotic properties, managing to balance the effects that cause the “high” of consumption.

This cannabinoid is also traceably linked to wakefulness and energy, for this reason it is fully complemented with THC, but if what you are looking for is a relaxation effect, the proportion that CBD should supply should be lower than the normal ones.

Whereas, with THC, we asked ourselves “what was I laughing at?”, When marijuana contains a high content of CBD, the effects that it causes in the momentary deterioration of the same will be negligible.

CBD is the most sought after component for therapeutic use, due to its anti-inflammatory properties that are highly superior to those provided by THC. In addition, it does not produce any type of psychotropic effect, it is highly recommended and used in conditions caused by rheumatism and arthritis.

they become a great ally to combat epilepsy. Among so many virtues for the benefit of health that we could detail, we can also assert that CBD, as it contains anxiolytic and antipsychotic properties, makes it a component of good effectiveness in the fight against schizophrenia.

What are the effects of cannabis according to the measures of THC and CBD used?

In order to understand what are the potential properties of the various varieties of marijuana, we must know what is the concentration that it contains of these two incredible cannabinoids. Let's look at some examples based on the ratios between THC and CBD.

Ratio 1 (1: 0): THC without CBD: In this case we see that in the absence of CBD, and with a low THC content, the effect generated will be an angry laugh and an excessive euphoria.

Ratio 2 (1: 1): Same proportion of both: Both cannabinoids in this minimum proportion, will lead to THC finding a modulation in CBD, making it very lucid. In this sense we will find a feeling of well-being, while allowing us to enter a comfortable zone of relaxation.

Ratio 3 (2: 1): Double the THC than CBD: The effect found with this ratio will be a good psychoactive effect, but which in turn with the measure of CBD will give a solid relaxing example.

Ratio 4 (0: 1): Only CBD in cannabis: as we have been building in this text, we can note that in this reference cannabis will not produce any psychoactive effect, while this measure is used and desired for medicinal treatments.

THC and CBD the cannabinoids of excellence in marijuana

As we can see, it is not one or the other, they are the two most notable cannabinoids in marijuana, both of which have a supine preponderance over the effects they produce when they work together.

It is clear that, understanding the relationship of quantities of one or another component, is where we are going to find the effects that we are looking for. If your need is to alleviate ailments or medical conditions, a variety that contains a high flow of CBD is the most indicated. But if, on the other hand, you want to spend a moment of fun, relaxation and laughter, do not hesitate, THC is what you need.

For either of these two options, do not forget to take into account our reference table, which is where you will find the desired effects.

How can I buy CBD?

The medicinal properties that CBD oil gives you are incredible. So much so that the sale of CBD online has grown a lot in recent years. If you want to buy cannabidiol you can do it in our online store or buy CBD in our store in Valencia: we will give you the most professional advice and the best CBD oil for the treatment you need.

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