What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

If there are products that are making a revolution in the world of "wellness", it is CBD oils and hemp oil. In recent years, both articles have given sufficient evidence, both scientifically and in the people who choose them every day, of the great benefits they bring to health. But unlike what many people believe, these two components, despite sharing many similarities, also share many differences. Since then we can affirm that CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same.

Hemp plant, versatility and forcefulness

Hemp is a plant that has great versatility, this plant has been used for hundreds of years to make ropes, among other things. Among other of its functions, it is also useful for making paper, plastics and even fuels. Hemp, through its various extraction and production methods, is allowed to extract two variants of oils: hemp oil and CBD oil.

We are going to delve into the qualities of these different types of oils.

What is hemp oil?

To start talking about hemp oil we can say that it is extracted from the seeds of this plant, and not from the flowers or other parts of its structure. Hemp seeds do not carry CBD, therefore, the oil obtained from them does not contain CBD naturally. CBD oil is obtained from hemp flowers that are the carriers of CBD.

How is hemp oil made?

As we now know, hemp oil has very little THC, it also maintains another noticeable difference, and that is in the manufacturing process. Whereas, as we will see later, CBD oil requires solvent uses; hemp oil only requires pressing the seeds.

First, a deep cleaning of the hemp seeds must be carried out, then what seasoned producers do is use an oilseed press to extract the oil.

There are "artisan" producers who use manual presses to make the oil in their own homes, although the process may be more complicated, it can be achieved although its extract will be in smaller quantities.

Continuing with the pressing, the best method is always cold pressing, since this way the oil will absorb more natural properties. How would hemp oil look? The oil produced by cold pressing, without any type of refinement, can be observed with a dark green color with a dry fruit flavor. When the oil undergoes a refining process, it loses its color and its original flavor.

What are the advantages that we can obtain from hemp oil?

Hemp oil, as you may have appreciated, has different advantages and various uses, but at the same time it is as impressive as we will see that CBD is. Among the many qualities to be found is that this oil can be used as an impressive dietary supplement. In addition, thanks to the presence of a vast amount of essential fatty acids, this oil is very suitable for general well-being. Hemp oil is also found at an industrial level in the manufacturing of fuels, paints and plastics. As we have said, it is a totally pragmatic input.


What is CBD oil?

Since you have a generalized hemp oil pan, now you are probably wondering, ok, so what are the differences from CBD? For those who do not know yet, CBD is obtained from the marijuana plant, but it is also present in hemp flowers and with a lower percentage of THC than in marijuana. In order to take advantage of this component and nourish our body with all the benefits that it provides, it requires a process to obtain a concentrated CBD extract.


How is CBD oil made?

In order to make CBD oil and have a high-quality compound, we must carefully extract this property. Three methods of CBD extraction are known: using solvents such as alcohol, using the olive oil method, and finally, extraction using carbon dioxide. In the first two cases we have mentioned, it can easily be done from the comfort of your home. While CO2 extraction requires resources and some certain capacities that must be taken into consideration. However, the CO2 extraction method is not only the safest, but also provides greater efficiency than those mentioned above.

When you choose to carry out the extraction by means of CO2, it is necessary to be able to pass the CO2, in a state between liquid and gaseous, through the dry hemp, in this way the CBD can be extracted. What will be the end result of this extract? The obtaining that you will have with this method is a very high quality CBD. Since not only will it retain all the natural properties of hemp, but it will not contain ingredients such as chlorophyll and waxes that are unnecessary.

Let's talk a little about the method in which the star is olive oil. This method is much simpler than the one done with CO2; but ... its concentrate contains less potency than the previous method. How is this process done? This method is easy to solve, you just have to heat a mixture of decarboxylated hemp and olive oil. This mixture you must take into account, to always keep it in a refrigerated and dark place, since due to its sensitivity it can spoil.

Last but not least, of course it is not minor, since it is the one chosen by many who make their production economically and at home, it is the method with alcohol. What this method consists of, you must leave the hemp that is soaked in ethanol and heat it until evaporation is achieved. This process is simple, but it must be done correctly, since, otherwise, the product will not provide security for consumption.

You should always bear in mind that, although this process is the simplest and cheapest, by keeping substances that are flammable at boiling temperatures, they transform it into an extraction method that must be taken with great care and respect.

What should you take into account of the final product through this extraction? The oil that you obtain using the alcohol method will contain chlorophyll, which gives our aperitif a bitter taste. That is why the safest and most elegant option to choose a CBD oil is one that has been extracted by CO2 and that is prepared by professionals.

What is CBD for and what are the advantages and benefits that CBD oil brings to health and daily life?

Once our CBD oil is obtained, we will have at our disposal a range of incredibly fabulous benefits. Hundreds of medical studies have ruled that CBD oil is ideal for treating nausea, headaches, bone conditions and contributes to better sleep among many others. While cannabidiol is also known to be relaxing to combat anxiety. CBD provides excellent benefits acting as an anxiolytic and as a treatment for epilepsy; This is why many people choose to supplant their benzodiazepine medications and consume CBD. CBD is very beneficial for pets as they help reduce pain, inflammation, seizures, it is used to treat tumors and degenerative diseases. In recent years, its use in dogs has become popular with successful results.

CBD, as we can see, is a compound that adds more welcome to the one you already have, as well as better various pathologies, there is no doubt about this and there are several reports that indicate this. To such an extent this is so, that the world sports anti-doping agency has decided to remove CBD from its lists of prohibited substances. As a result, many world elite athletes have started to consume supplements that are made from CBD.

Do only elite athletes add this extra to their health? No, many people to have more energy and have a better performance already consume supplements based on CBD.

In conclusion

Although the elaboration of both comes from hemp and its influences on our bodies are always positive, between the two there are well-marked differences. CBD oil is a vital substance for treating conditions such as inflammation, bone pain, and even insomnia. While the hemp will give you minerals and vital properties that can also improve your health. Both oils can be essential to your life, but you should keep in mind that, although they are similar, they are not the same.

CBD oil is a supplement that helps mitigate conditions like no other, but you should know that it is not the definitive cure for them. The right consumption with the recommended doses must be established with professionals in the field. In our stores in Valencia you will be able to find the best products with the best quality. We also have the best advice so that your experience with CBD can be a success.

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